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i2i Mobile Learning Program

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i2i Mobile Learning Program


The i2i Mobile Learning program originated as a pilot project in the 2nd semester of the 2010-11 school year. Approximately 70 teachers joined the project, and shared 3 classroom sets of iPad karts, in order to develop and deliver instruction using mobile devices.


In 2011-12, the program expanded to approximately 150 teachers and a total of 10 iPad karts.

Link to the May 18, 2012 "end of year" presentations.




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This program will provide participants with an iPad and ongoing professional development, to enable teachers to explore, discover and develop ways in which mobile devices (iPads, iPods, iPhones, etc.) can be used to engage learners and maximize student achievement. 



The use of mobile devices for teaching and learning has the potential to provide both teachers and students with a unique educational experience. The goal of this program is to test the feasibility, ease of use, and practicality of using mobile technology devices in an education environment. 



The concept of the “i2i Mobile Learning” program is supported by the District 125 Board of Education's Vision Statement for Stevenson High School curriculum: 


In order to ensure "Success for Every Student," Stevenson High School dedicates itself to a comprehensive and clearly articulated curriculum comprised of what should be learned, how it will be taught, and how learning will be assessed. From the classroom to the athletic field and in all activities, students prepare to thrive in a global community and learn to accept the challenge and responsibility of participating and leading in a democracy. To attain this vision:


  • Students learn important academic content, analyze and think critically, attain physical well being, and develop social and emotional competencies. 
  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are dynamic, intellectually challenging, and attentive to the diverse learning needs of students. 
  • Formative and summative assessment monitor student learning and track progress toward explicit learning targets, inform instruction, and support programmatic decisions. 
  • Curricular teams collaborate to meet educational goals through the use of technology, interdisciplinary learning, and innovative teaching techniques. 
  • Students actively engage in their learning and the assessment of such learning. Feedback provides focus for learning and growth and promotes individual improvement.


Program Parameters:


  • The i2i Mobile Learning program will take place during the second semester of 2010-11.
  • At the end of the semester, teachers can elect to remain a member of the i2i program. Membership would include: continued use of the iPad, required professional development during the 2011-12 school year and continued development and sharing of classroom lessons/activities involving iPads. 


Professional Development:

  • Teachers will attend two half-day professional development workshops, to introduce teachers to iPad operation and educational applications.
  • During the program, teachers will participate in an online environment (FirstClass conference and wiki) in order to share teaching/learning experiences with the iPad and classroom applications.


Lesson/Activity Development (Cadre 1):

  • By March 2011, teachers will plan, develop and publish a lesson activity that incorporates student use of an iPad (available through a classroom set: three classroom sets of 30 iPads each will be available for checkout). This can be an individual classroom lesson, or one that is developed and shared within a curricular team.
  • By April 2011, teachers will deliver the designed lesson within the classroom.
  • Each teacher in the project will observe another teacherís “i2i” lesson/activity in the classroom.
  • By May 2011, teachers will post a reflection on the teaching and learning experiences for the lesson/activity taught.
  • By May 2011, teachers will post a reflection on the classroom lesson/activity observed.
  • Teachers will prepare a 5- to10-minute presentation to be shared during the end-of-the-year PowerRangers meeting on May 25. The presentation will describe the lesson activity, long-term implications, and future plans for mobile technology integration.



  • Teachers participating in the i2i Mobile Learning program must also be PowerRangers.
  • Teachers will be instructed in the appropriate care and use of the iPad, which will remain the property of the District. Members of the program will be expected to securely store the iPad in order to minimize theft. 
  • Protective cases for the iPad will be furnished. iPads that become damaged or lost as a result of abuse or negligence, may not be replaced.
  • Funding for educational “app” purchases will be discussed during the initial orientation.


2011-12 Program Expansion


  • The i2i program was expanded in the 2011-12 school year to approximately 150 teachers and 10 classroom sets of iPad karts.

  • Participation expectations (lesson/activity creation, observation, collaboration and wiki publishing) are unchanged from the 2010-12 Cadre. 



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